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News: Unfortunately ESC had a very tough 2018 and 2020. ESC is working in good faith with all of its remaining consignors, customers, and vendors to amicably try and settle each account amicably. Unfortunately in the past some of the 3’rd parties ESC hired to see these resolutions through did not do so. For this reason ESC has created an internal department that will directly assist any ESC customer, consignors, or vendors, reach a fast resolution. We’ve had some adjustments and changes in management, ownership, and locations. The worldwide pandemic has also caused ESC to be short staffed during these times of transition. We hope you can bare with us a little longer while we get back up to speed. We sent out letters to all consignors last year asking for you to contact us or our representatives within 30 days or your account would be closed. If you contacted us, we are working on getting an update from the person we hired to resolve these matters. Please note that we have a new department that will assist you in resolving your account. As of March 17th 2020 we have created a new department that will help finalize all pending matters regarding your account.

Please ONLY communicate with our consignor support department directly at:

What Happened To ESC

Estate Sale City is struggling but it’s coming back!

3’rd party tortious interference: Unfortunately several 3’rd parties and entities wanted to force us out of our stores in order to sell their commercial properties and or develop different types of business projects. Some of these 3’rd parties conspired to try and put ESC out of business. In 2018 and in 2019 Estate Sale City unfortunately was harmed by several third parties that interfered with Estate Sale City’s business operations. A company and other 3’rd party persons locked ESC out of one of two of its stores, illegally towed ESC’s trucks, and illegally threw out over 8 dumpsters of merchandise in the garbage. These parties refused to give ESC back the property they illegally converted. ESC is still investigating into the extent of the damages and will have more information soon. ESC has had to fight for answers in court and finally the 3’rd parties were forced to admit to doing so. This interference obviously harmed ESC and prohibited ESC from being able to run business as normal. This has not harmed all consignors, but these unfortunate events out of ESC’s control have harmed ESC’s business operations. If you are a consignor that wants help resolving and closing out your account please ONLY contact us via: – If you responded to the letter ESC had sent out 3 months ago, we are gathering your info and will respond substantively very soon with several settlement and resolution options.

Consignor Support

For more information or help resolving your consignor or vendor account please contact Consignor support at:

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If you’re experiencing errors when loading our site we are aware of the issue and our technicians are working on it. We have been experiencing technical difficulties with our servers and we’re working hard to resolve the issue. You may have an error page regarding hosting or servers that has loaded on your screen. That page is loading due to a technical error. Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime

You can email us your customer service related questions to:

Attn Consignors

We are working hard to resolve all customer service related inquiries in the order they are received. If you have recently emailed us requesting assistance one of our friendly customer service reps will be contacting you soon. We greatly appreciate your patience!

New Website

Coming Soon

In order to serve our shoppers and clients better we are in the process of designing and building a robust new Estate Sale Online Marketplace. This new website will have features that will rival eBay and Amazon. Stay tuned for more information!

Thanks to help from heaven we will be expanding our territory and celebrating more success very soon!

Romans 8:31 KJV

If God be for us, who can be against us?”