How much is it worth?

How to find the value of stuff Condition usually helps determines value. But don’t let a little chipped paint or rust detour you from offering items like this for sale.   Maximize Sale Profits  If you’re in a rush, you’ll loose money. If you take your time, or hire a company to efficiently asses the […]

Liquidating an Estate Intro

Intro Whether it’s because of a divorce, downsizing, moving, or a death of a loved one, many people are having to deal with all of the stuff that’s left behind. From having to deal with selling your house, to selling everything in the house, to staging the in – house estate sale, or having a […]

Should I donate to Goodwill and Salvation Army or Sell my stuff?

This is a great question! Many individuals have all kinds of items just laying around their garages, attics, basements, and in storage… We get this question from sellers all of the time. There’s no easy answer to this question and at the end of the day you’re going to do what feels right to you. […]