Liquidating an Estate Intro


Whether it’s because of a divorce, downsizing, moving, or a death of a loved one, many people are having to deal with all of the stuff that’s left behind.

From having to deal with selling your house, to selling everything in the house, to staging the in – house estate sale, or having a company pick everything up for an online sale, Estate Sale Liquidators are emerging as a serious alternative to the traditional auctioneer companies.

The most difficult decision and most important is knowing how to vet and choose your Estate Sale liquidator wisely. This decision can make or break your sale. Choosing the wrong Estate Sale company can cost you thousands in financial loss and in lost family treasures.

So sad! – Unfortunately many people pick the first company that shows up to their doorstep without first educating themselves on the various options in service providers and types of Estate Sales.


Reality Check: We are a consuming society, many people have a lot of stuff in their homes and when the time comes to empty their homes, most people are unprepared.