Should I donate to Goodwill and Salvation Army or Sell my stuff?

This is a great question! Many individuals have all kinds of items just laying around their garages, attics, basements, and in storage… We get this question from sellers all of the time. There’s no easy answer to this question and at the end of the day you’re going to do what feels right to you. At least we can help guide you and educate you before you make your final decision.


Recently there have been many news stories about individuals that either inherited items from family, or people who just wanted their property cleaned out. These people packed all kinds of items they ” perceived ” to be junk and they hauled it all over to Goodwill and in some cases salvation army. Now in the top end it looks like a good gesture. Donating to a “Non Profit”. But after donating these items we then later find out that there were thousands of dollars of valuable items. In Milwaukee wisconsin someone donated a painting that they thought was worthless and fake. Goodwill didn’t even know what they had because goodwill’s staff marked the item for $9.95 and sold it. The buyer took the Art to a professional appraiser and then found out that the item was worth over $27,000.00 ! Wow!!!


I’m sure both Goodwill and the person who donated the items both regretted not finding out what the item was worth. We see stories like this all of the time. That’s why we recommend bringing your items into Estate Sale City for review before making a decision to donate. Estate Sale City has professional staff that are trained to identify valuable Art, Collectibles, Antiques, Jewelry, and so on.

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